Keep Holding on. ♥

It happened a lot but went away. I use to get bullied for my weight and how different I was. Once I reached middle school in the 7th grade. That's when I experienced the real part of bullying. I was bullied for how I dressed, the music I listened to, my voice, my weight, how I acted. I use to be called "emo" or "Attention grabber girl". It hurt a lot. I mean being called names is the worst thing. I remember I was in lunch and this girl came up to me yelling, calling me rude names, then eventually told me to kill myself. Before that happened. I use to self harm. It got worse after the girl told me that. It followed me till now. I'm entering high school and people here are pretty rude. 

What I wanna say here. For the kids going through middle school or anything is just, stay strong. Always stay strong. Find something that makes you happy. I listen to my music which is alone the lines to the new post-core rock and it makes me feel better. I draw. I write songs. I'm actually a drummer and it helps a lot. If you fall just get back up. 
Listen here. Don't self harm. Life gets better. Trust me. It really does. Never give up. Smile. Never forget to smile. Don't forget that there is someone who cares. Darling, You'll be okay. (= <3

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