Jesus is Good

I'm Adriana, 14 years old

So this is my story on bullying...

In elementary i was one of the.. you know, sorda popular kids

In fourth grade there was this new girl who just came from a private school to a public. So she was talking to one of my friends and she told her that she lived on the same street i lived on and i was eavesdropping a little and i said "hey, i do too" so she being a really bubbly person she hugged me and said "Yay! Neighbor buddies!" so i was like haha yay i got a new friend. So she became really attached to me and she would follow me and that would annoy me but i dont know why i couldn't understand that she didnt have any friends yet! So me and two other friends made fun of her and talked about her- bullied her. She was so amazing because she forgave every time.. and i betrayed over and over again.. I felt so bad about all the things i did so i told her everything my friends said about her behind her back and told her to keep it a secret. My friends were bullying her the next day and she probably couldn't take it anymore (i wasnt there) and told my friends that she knew everything they had said because I told her! My friends turned against me and didnt really trust me anymore. One friend got over it in a year. The other friend and i had made up and we told each other secrets, the day she remembered what i had done she told everyone my secret.. I was completely embarrassed and enraged.. but i got over it.

In middle school my punishment began.

New people. new teachers. new everything. i hated it. There was this boy who was popular and i was seated next to him in class.. So one day i was being wrong minded and i  said to my friend "Why are you buttoning and putting on your shirt?!" (mouthed and whispered though) So to signify "Boys are here" i looked to the boy next to me repeatedly. He turned around and said "Are you talking about me?" I said no. but didnt tell him i was talking about boys in he hated me ever since and he turned the whole popular crowd against me. Then this girl across from me in the table took my things and hit me... i laughed it off even though i was burning and disintegrating inside. I was made fun of for my weight. At home and in school... I can remember what my family members said clearly, like it happened yesterday "Long hair isnt going to cover your fat," "By the time she's 3 years older she'll be 2000 pounds." That killed me. To have it coming from my family who i thought i could be myself with. Shredded me! I had never experienced bullying in school so to have bullying wherever i went... was unbearable. Every night or any time i could get alone i would cry my eyes out. I didnt know what to do, or how to fix things... i was rebellious with my parents the kind of rebellious you would get from a 17 year-old. it was really bad.

And then i remembered in this whole hullabaloo that there was someone who loved me. i remembered someone that could make this all go away. that with all these sins, i betrayed. I fell to the feet of Jesus Christ our Savior. Oh how Jesus gave me mercy. Hallelujah! Jesus is good my friends. My whole life changed and flipped before my eyes. The girl who bullied me became my friend. 

I was happy. I am happy.

but then that friend who used to bully me was a bad influence and treated me wrong sometimes. So i had to say no more. But Jesus taught me to forgive my wrong doers and i think i have... i'm definitely not mad at them anymore.. but you know, the image is still there and i will try to forget it completely..

My life is good. God has protected me. I spent my whole life being raised in the Evangelical Christian teachings.. and i lost sight of Jesus for a long time... But He found me. I am so thankful! 

Fellow bullied friends, I'll pray for you. Please, Come to the feet of Jesus Christ. He loves you and He died for you. Come to Jesus. 

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