It Shouldn't Be A 'Thing'

Hey, everyone. I just want to get out to all of you reading this first-you're amazing. Don't think you aren't, because believe me, you are in every way possible. There's people in this world that think that bullying is fun, popular, awesome, etc. Let me get something straight-it's never okay. It will never, EVER be alright. 

You know those school programs? About the 'Stop Bullying' and such? Let me tell you something. All those things we get told to do-who ever actually does them? The victims and bystanders. Yes, they listen and try to keep the peace. And who does the opposite? The bullies. The don't listen. Will they ever?

I'm still an 8th Grader at the moment, going through the school year with nothing to do but watch out for my friends, and be nice as possible. I like to write, read, sketch, and watch YouTube. I Livestream with friends on the internet, and show my written things to people in the internet. I get hate, sure. It's always gonna happen. I can't exactly fight it. 

When I get questioned at home with my friends, at the stores by friends, or even my friends at school, they ask why I choose to write. 

I answer with "Because I need to write my-including anyone else-life down on paper before it's too late," and continue doing what I do best. I go on with my life, on with my everyday life, without a care in the world. 

But when I SEE these things happening at school, at home, at the Mall...I get set off. I want to quote on quote, "act" like a bully towards these bullies that choose to harass these people at a public place. 

I know I can't-I know I'm not allowed, I know that it's wrong. 

But there's got to be a way to end it all. My plan is just to stop it in my school area. I want it done. Over with. Gone. 

Just try for yourself. Get the word out. Just do it for your own well-being-as well as everyone else in your community

~Amanda B. 

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