It Isn't Forever...

When I very little, I was shy but popular. In 5th grade, that all changed. I got a bad haircut, got acne, and turned socially awkward. To make matters worse, my dad was an alcoholic so I couldn't have friends over even if I had any. I was also an only child. In junior high I made some friends, but they stabbed me in the back. Every guy I admitted to liking said I was too ugly or a geek. In high school I tried to focus on my grades and keep a low profile. I made a few friends which helped. Sometimes they would stab me in the back. Some friends, i know! I just kept telling myself that high school wasn't forever and someday it would be over. 

I am now 38 years old, with an 11 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. They stand up to bullies because they have heard my story. Don't be afraid to do what you need to in order to stop bullying, either when YOU get bullied or someone you know is getting bullied. Be a friend, not a follower. You never know when your out-stretched hand or kind word might save someone's life. 

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