It hurt too much to talk about.

I was an only child of divorced parents. They handed me off the any relative that would take me for a couple of years because I was always in the way. All of my cousins were older than me by at least 4 years, no one understood me or played with me. At school, I was always the odd new kid. I read books alone, and did not make friends easily. By middle school and high school I was a total recluse. I smoked, I drank, I ran away from home... all to get away from bullies. I met them everywhere I turned, and I had no one to protect me.

I am 37 years old now and have 3 teens ages 19, 16 & 15. My younger two are still at home and have dealt with a lot of issues with bullies, but they have always had the undying support of their parents. Even though we are an odd family, we all love each other without condition.  Now, we are proud to do whatever we can to put an end to bullying in our community.

We chose home schooling through a virtual academy over public school for a couple of years because the place we were living was so bad that my son was sexually harassed, and my daughter was almost killed. I will encourage them to tell their own stories. My daughter is now back in public school and lit up the stage tonight at her Spring concert.  She and her friends have signed up here at the Bully Project, and are spreading the word.

I love that people are here sharing their stories. I hid from mine for most of my life, and the details are still too painful to think about. But I can be part of the solution, just like all of you. Together, we are making a difference!

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  • Ryan Knowles
    commented 2013-03-22 17:35:39 -0400
    Robin, Your story is incredibly powerful, wow. I think many people would be able to relate but to see how you have used your own experiences to provide your kids with a loving home is so incredibly important, something I am sure a lot of parents could learn from!

    Have you and your daughter thought of maybe hosting a screening of the film in your area to encourage folks to begin discussing bullying? We have seen people from across the country do it and it’s had some great results. We will be having a screening support page up and running soon on the site. Stay tuned.


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