It Happened

I was in 3rd grade. Who bullies an 8 year old? They did. I was hated till I was 6th grade when I graduated elementary school and went to a catholic school. For 4 years, I was called "ugly" "fat" "worthless" and told to die multiple times. I  started cutting myself when I was in 5th grade. It was little cuts but back then I  thought they were deep. I continued cutting for 3 years. Between 5th and 6th grade alone; i have 4 suicide attempts. 7th grade, I thought things would get better... I was so wrong. They got worse. I got involved more online cause kids in my class were my friends and wanted me too. The class above me hated it. They attacked me online by making fake accounts under my name and editing pictures to pigs. I was called "miss piggy". Too this day, i hate pigs. I stopped eating in 7th grade. By the end of that year, i had insomnia, manic depression, battling anorexia and bulimia and self harm, anxiety disorder and borderline bipolar. The year ended. That class graduated and now I'm in 8th grade. It was good until they started attacking my bestfriend and me online again. I started cutting again. I am struggling with this every day now but the bullying has calmed down and I am 8 days clean. It will get better.

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  • houston King
    commented 2013-03-28 19:43:38 -0400
    Stay strong Andelina. Keep staying clean. Are you talking everyday about this with your mom or dad? How is your bestfriend?