It Felt Wrong

In 4th grade I grew close with a boy who soon became one of my closest friends. We did a lot of things together, including heckle the same little girl that passed by our lunch table every day. We were loud and clear to the people around us and it was obvious that the girl heard, but she would never turn her head to look. After this continued for a while, one day a teacher came to us wondering y the little girl that sat across the cafe was crying and upset about what we said to her. We had little response to her questions. It was then i realized what i was doing. How i had made her feel and how i had the power to  stop it. It was when i realized that those with the ability to make a difference have the responsibility to do so. We immediately stopped our cruel acts and appologized. Suprisingly to us, the girl accepted our appology and stopped her tears. Never before had i seen such courage from an 8 year old peer.

Many many years have past since this happened. And due to changes in my life I have made many friends with very nice people. Over the years I had taken the time to talk to and compliment the nice, smart, and beautiful young woman the girl has grown up to be. It haunts me every day that I took part in this act. Throughout our high school years my friend and i have grown seperate ways, but we always happened to see each other commonly when we would help out in the special needs classroom at our school almost everyday.

it's been a while since i have seen this girl. Someday i hope to see her again and gain the courage to appologize for what we said to her. No matter if she remembers it or not, this girl has changed my life for the good. Its taken me this long to realize it, but maybe it's because of her i now feel the need to help those less fortunate and act anytime i see someone mistreat another. I owe her every ounce of love and kindness in my body. I've never been so sorry. Sometimes much good can overpower acts of such evil. 

All i can say to my listeners is that stuff may haunt u forever from both sides of the equation. And even though we are all capable of love, forgiveness and good is only held in the hands of the victim, never the vilian. The villian can only beg that the victim is forgiving enough to share their good to those who are most cruel. To the little girl that went to my school that year, in want to say thank u for your forgiveness and the lessons u have taught me all these years. You will always be part of me. Much love.

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