It DOES get better!

My name is Kevin. I am 30 years old and live in Brooklyn NY. I was born with medical difficulties (mostly cosmetic). Throughout my school years I was picked on relentlessly. I can particularly remember 3rd grade being the worst year ever. I was locked in a closet and beat up by about 6 or 7 kids. I can still remember each of their names. I hated life, I hated people, but I treasured those who I WAS friends with. No one knew about the 3rd grade bullying until after the school year was over. My mom found a big nasty bruise on my butt from where I was kicked over and over. My father and mother always told me to walk away. Instead I wouldn't, but wouldn't fight back either. I would cry, and act out, and scream at anyone who would listen. No one did though. I was different from those kids. I had a very active imagination, and was very vocal with my imagination. 


The bullying didn't stop there. It continued through High School. Finally I started fighting back and the bullying let up. It didn't end but it let up. I continue to deal with bullies. That's a sad state of affairs that I'm almost 30 and still people pick on me, why? Because they know it gets to me, is what one "friend" says to me. Being where I am in my life I can honestly say it doesn't bother me anymore.


While I may still deal with the occasional bully, I have learned how to deal with it. I won't beat around the bush and say you will learn to get over it. Truth is, it WILL stay with you. What I can't express enough is learning how to turn that negative into a positive. For me, to do that, I write. I self published a novel that I wrote. Although the grammar isn't immaculate the story (in my opinion...I may be a bit biased) is pretty solid. 


Our biggest feat in fighting bullying isn't trying to stop it, or having bully law reform. Yes it is 100% needed. It is teaching our kids, the next generation, to turn negatives into positives. Give them something that makes the known not as bully victims but as writers, athletes, filmmakers. My goal as an advocate is to do that. My story I hope will inspire these kids, these victims, to shoot for their dreams and for them to know that their are people pulling for them to do that. 


You won't ever forget being a bullying victim. Anyone telling you that isn't being realistic. You can however show these bullies that their efforts to shoot you down, to hurt you, to make you feel worthless, have had not interfered with your dreams. Show them that their efforts have not hindered you're ability to be awesome. Make no mistake either folks, you are all awesome.




Kevin Wilson

Brooklyn NY Age 30

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