Is this nightmare going to end?

My name is Katelynn, I am 20 years old, and I would like to share my story with you. My first experience with bullying happened when I started middle school. It all started when I was going into 6th grade where everyone was coming from different elementary schools to be combined into one middle school. At this point new friendships were forming, old ones were fading, some friends stayed friends forever, but not me. When I was younger I moved around a lot because my father was in the Army, so I was making new friends and saying goodbye to old ones. My first day of middle school, I was rushing to class praying to god I wasn't going to be late and hoping I was going to make friends. At first I thought I'll never make any friends, but sure enough I became part of the so called "in crowd," and I was loving school. The first year of middle school had come and gone, then sure enough it was time to start seventh grade. Seventh grade was a rough start because right off the bat the harassment started. It was small at first, but later on it became a big problem. At this point the only real friend I had was someone who went to another middle school in my area. I started hanging out with her because she was great friend, but also due to the fact the group I was hanging out with was engaging in sexual behavior. I wanted no part in whatever they were up to, so I became apart of the "out crowd" as fast as I became apart of the "in crowd." The year went on and I was being called names that really hurt. I'll never forget get the mean nasty names that they were calling me, like : bitch, whore, and slut. Why was I so hurt? I know why because I was none of those mean nasty things they were saying about me, but mainly they were supposed to be my friends. Seventh grade came and went like the wind and finally 8th grade was here, my last year. The bullying had gotten worse, they weren't only attacking me at school, but online and making harassing phone calls. That year I had missed so many days of school because I couldn't take the abuse any longer. The only reason it got worse was because they added another girl to the mix to hate my guts, who by the way was supposed to be my friend. I had multiple conversations with the principle and my parents, but nothing was done. They just said it was girls being girls and the parents claimed their children were angels that would never participate in that kind of behavior. This was tearing me apart, I would beg and plead my mom everyday not to go to school because I couldn't take it anymore. Finally, Christmas Break came and I was transferred to another school in a different town near by. I finished my eight grade year there and everything was mild. While I was there I made some friends that I would talk to for the rest of my life. Then I decided to go to the high school in this town as well and carry on the tradition of being a hurricane just like my mom was. While I was there I participated in softball, which is where I made pretty much all my friends in high school. I did make other friends at school that weren't from softball and they were great as well. Then sophomore year came and the girl who made my life a living hell in middle school was back. She transferred to the same high school as me that very year. I thought my life was over again, just when I was becoming to get comfortable, she came in like a tornado and ripped everything apart. She turned all my friend against me, with the exception of a few, and from then on high school was like a repeated nightmare. The same things started happening again, the name calling, threats, harassing phone calls, and etc. It was the same old show and the principle did absolutely nothing, he was only interested in making friends with the kids. He didn't care if I got beat up, he would've blamed it on me. For example, one day, this girls boyfriend gave me his phone number and I threw it away saying have some respect for your girlfriend. Sure enough did I see it coming, I was confronted in the cafeteria. She asked me questions, I replied, she didn't like my response so she started threatening me. Then as we were leaving lunch one of her friends chased me down the hall threatening to slam my head of lockers until I was unconscious. After all was said and done the principal told me to apologize, I couldn't believe it he was sticking up for them even though it almost cost me my life. That was my story with many more details, but you got the point of it. I just want everyone to know that you are not alone and people who love you to death will do anything for you. Through this whole entire experience my mother was my rock and she still is. This experience is one that no one should have to go through, but it made me who I am today. I am strong, beautiful, talented, and loved by many. I think about how lucky I am each and everyday. Everyone is special in their own way and I want to reach out to those who can't find the courage to stick up for themselves, just like I couldn't. I love all of you who have ever had to go through such an awful time, but just remember you mean the world to a lot of people. My goal is eventually to go to schools and be an advocate for people that have been in our shoes. I want to remind them someone loves them and they are not alone.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I love all of you beautiful people who went through this struggle.



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