I worth it, you worth ir, everyone does.

I’m Marina from Spain, I’m 17 years old and I was bullied. It started when I was 11 years old and it ended the last year. They started only making jokes about me. They didn’t let me play and hanging out with them, I felt so alone. But then everything come worse, they started going after me, following everywhere I went and calling me horrible things. They spread horrible rumors about me and no one wanted me with them.  My parents talked with the school director and with every single teacher and they just said “everything is okey, she’s fine”. But I wasn’t fine, they made me feel weird, fat, ugly and not worth it. We keep on fighting. Going to the school every single day was a hell for me, I was scared of spending the breaks hiding in girls toilets, I was scared of some of my teachers because they bully me to, I was 11 and I felt like life was my worst nightmare. I thought a lot about suicide but I never tried it because my parents and my little sister loved me. We fought this battle together. They made our home a safe place for living, they loved me and they never made me feel like I’m not worth it.

A year later of this story begin the school teacher send me to the psychologist because according to what they told to my parents I was the problem, according to them I deserved all the jokes, I deserved to be alone and I deserved the pain. The psychologist talked me about my weight; I was skinny because of the stress and the fear. I talked with her about the fact that even when I was really skinny the keep on calling me fat. I talked with her about self harming and how they made fun of it, I talked with her about everything they made me feel. She ended the rehab telling me it wasn’t my fault. And this is what I want to say to everyone who is or is ever been bullied: it’s not your fault. You’re not the problem, keep fighting, keep living. They are the problem, they don’t know how to love or respect a classmate. Hold on, the pain ends and everything gets better. Don’t be scared of asking for help, don’t fight alone.

I’m 17 now, I have friends, friends that love me as I am. I’m not afraid anymore, I fought and I won. I found help on my parents and sister, on Taylor’s Swift music and in every of the flaws they made fun about. I found courage to keep living.

I only wanted to share my story, bully is something really typical nowadays and we have to fight against bullies and end with the pain of every little heart in schools worldwide.

Thanks so much and sorry if I made any mistake, English is not my first language.

Lots of love, Marina.


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