I Wish it Would Stop, but There is Always a Good Thing That Comes out of bad Things

My name is Traci Constance. I am 17 and going to be a junior in high school in August. I have been bullied ever since the first grade. It started out with me being teased about having Tourett's syndrome by being called a freak and a bunny rabbit and having kids throw carrots at me. I didn't understand why they did that to me. It then got worse where they started calling me fat and ugly, slut, whore, attention whore, preggers, retarded/retard, etc. and I never did anything to these people. I never knew why somebody could be so mean to an innocent person. 

In the 7th grade I started to stop eating cause I believed everybody about me being ugly and fat. So I thought I'd starve myself. I did that for years. I found out I have Anorexia last year and I started therapy in February 2012. I never listened to people. I didn't care if I was dying or getting unhealthy, I just wanted to be pretty. So I kept doing what I've been doing, the thing I was best at, starving myself. I was still getting bullied being called bones, disgusting, skeleton, etc. and it still hurt so bad. 

I still starved myself no matter what people said. I then got down to 80 lbs and I had to be hospitalized in an Eating Disorder unit for 2 months in February of 2013 and got out in April. I hated it cause it always felt like I was eating so much that I would get fat. I still think I'm ugly and fat and people still bully me to this day saying everything that everybody usually says. But I'm battling this and I'm gonna show everybody that I'm stronger than I was year ago and I'm gonna survive this. I just wish that people wouldn't bully me anymore. But, I'm gonna keep my head held high and help people when they need help. And I will always know that my friends and family will be here for me when I need them. 

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