I thought being a kid, meant I could actually be a kid.

When I was in 6th grade I thought I had everything. I was friends with the "cool kids" and I had the popularity that I had always wanted. To me I thought the world was prefect at that moment, even though I was very unprepared for what was to begin. 

One day I was going about everything just like I did every other day. When I went to school it was the exact same, except there was some big news on the block. One of the girls I had been friends with was having a birthday party. Even though I was invited I knew my mother would never allow me to go, since the party was an over night one about an hour away. So I lied and told them I was just busy that weekend. After the weekend was over, on that Monday, I heard the news of what had happened at the party. Let's just say they did some inappropriate things for 6th graders at that time. Once, I found out I had told another girl who had not gone also. Eventually it came back that some how I was apparently the leak of who told the whole school of what had happened that weekend. Who knew telling one person meant the whole school knew.

Eventually, things began to get worse. Everyone in the group of people I was friends with had turned on me. Everyday was constant torcher. I was called names and pushed in the halls. It just started to become a daily event and so I assumed that it would never end. I began contemplating suicide because I thought that was the only answer. I had no one to turn to. No friends or family, no one.

One day though I finally saw the light. I realized if I continued to act the way I did that would mean they would win. So I turned my life around and found some new friends and things I am passionate about. Now I am a college student with the right people around me and the love of my life by my side. My dream is to become a social worker so I can integrate and improve the quality in which schools prevent and handle bullying cases because no child deserves to go through what I did and feel they have no voice. So I am standing up to bullying because I want to see an end to it. Everyone deserves a voice!


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