I never did a thing to deserve it.

I went to a Montessori school until 7th grade. I had gone to school with the same 6 people my whole life and I was suddenly in a public school environment with kids that had been going to school together for years. 

3 girls took a particular interest in me after I walked in on them smoking in the bathroom one day. They pushed me around the bathroom for a bit and told me they would kill me if I ever told anyone I had seen them. They were all 3 in my french class and my home ec. and they started sitting near me in class. They would ask me why my shoes were from wal mart and they would pull on my hair, saying they thought it was a wig. They would steal my things and either hide them or throw them away. In Home ec. they would put tape over my mouth or in my hair. They would show me the class razor blades (used for craft projects) and scissors and tell me they were going to cut my throat. Not once did they give me any reason for their anger. 

Things escalated and one day when I left a bathroom stall after using the restroom, they were waiting for me. They knocked me down and kicked me in the ribs over and over, saying that if they did anything to my face I would be able to get them into trouble. They never explained why they hated me. My dad was so confused when I wanted to throw out all of the clothes my parents had bought me because they weren't name brand. he didn't understand why I was so upset. 

By 8th grade, I had a new nickname: "Casper", because I was so pale. A few people were nice to me but their kindness was far outweighed by the constant insults and teasing that others felt the need to subject me to. The 3 girls from the year before weren't in any of my classes but I had the pleasure of interacting with them in the halls, where they would stick pens and pencils out of their binders and deliberately try to stab or cut me as they passed.

I made it through middle school and luckily, met some kindred spirits in high school that made the unkindness from others a little more bearable. 

Since then, many people have attempted to intimidate me and plenty have succeeded, including an abusive ex boyfriend. 

Nobody should feel alone and afraid.  

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