i lived in Fear

Hi.I have been bullied since the  2nd grade .It's been one hell of a journey .Most people ask me how i'm still alive when i say my story . I'm not ashamed of it . When i was in the 2nd grade i moved to the middle of no where in florida .I didn't know anyone .When i went to school on the first day i got judged .Because i got asked what i wanted to do with my life and i told them make music and be happy. Teachers laughed and students laughed 'it'll never happen' or 'your never going to be famous freak' I never regretted what i said i never took it back i stuck to it .Till this day i stick to it. The gym coaches would throw dodge balls at me while i wrote. I might have been young but i had alot of feelings . i would go home and act like nothing happened at school .Then i started getting picked on at lunch . When 5th grade hit i decided i couldn't take it anymore .I began to self harm .I would skip gym and go to the libary and during lunch i would eat with the staff .I was very quiet back then but i dressed in black and never spoke but once i sang and played guitar emotions spilled out .Then middle school began .I thought to myself 'new school new start'. I soon came to notice it was the same mean people with more mean people .I began to talk then .Living in less fear .I would wear boots everyday and write all the time . I got my head shoved down a toilet probley once ever week .Trust me, toilet water isn't good .Girls picked on me constantly and everytime they picked on me it would stick with me .Never leaving just always there. I began to push everything away .For the one or two friends i had i pushed them out, i pushed out my family, everyone would ask if they could do anything i would run from them .I found myself completly alone with words that haunted me .Then i thought to myself 'this is how you wanted it Gracie' i didn't regret anything .I sat alone in my room with Music .I hated feeling like i was the only person out there that was different .That had problems .Then these bands came along and pratically saved me from my dark depression .Yes im still suffering from it .I still get bullied .I still want to be a rockstar . I just support bulling with all i have since i was a victim . I don't want anyone to feel the way i felt . The only way i got out of that depression of a black hole is Hope, It is the only thing stronger than fear. 

I'm Jacqueline (gracie) Scott and i am a survior and i will live my dream!c:

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