I know you can do it

Hello everybody! I would like to share my experience for I actually haven't chatted about it with anybody, hoping that it is useful to you or to receive some feedback.

It all started when my parents changed me of school at the age of ten. I may consider myself a shy person at the beginning and that was combined with almost everybody in the class passively rejecting me, so I started having only one friend (fortunately he was really nice) and this unpopularity gave place to bullies of my class come to me. Since then I was known to be very easygoing/weak/fearful, ''bulliable'' I could say, and that is why I started being mobbed by people from other grades until I turned 16 (primary school and secondary school were joint in the same education centre, you may call me crazy but I did not change to another school). I received physical and psychological attacks but the worst is that I've been stolen lots of scholar material. Half of the times I've been bullied by girls. My conclusion is that I was bullied for being different, not practicing popular sports or not following the trendings at that time.

*Some advices: be careful with the social groups you join when you are bullied, bad people will offer you friendship just because they take for granted that you will accept it; sometimes bullies will simulate being your friends when they aren’t to get something from you; never try to cause bullies a good impression (maybe the worst thing you can do).*

Gratefully, this didn't last forever. I had to take Bachillerato at another centre (the two years to preparate for University in Spain). There I met new and good friends, met a currently ex-grilfriend and my marks were much upgraded.

One of the things that I would like to say is that you see how life goes on, you cannot expect to see everything fixed by itself, it depends on your attitude how to overcome your past as bullied, it can make you cry or it can give you the ambition to do the best of you (it is to be known that lots of celebrities have been bullied in the past), I don't find worth to show your one time bullies that your life is better than theirs, you just have to enjoy what you are doing without caring about that bad people because you do good things for yourself not as a revenge.


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