i am a victum that story is not worth sharing,my life needs help?

i am 13 years old & in the eight grade…and a victim of bullying

i dont know how it all started our why peopple allways made fun of the way i sound asking why i sound like that (i have a very weird accent even though my parents dont have one & everyone allways ask what kind it is when i dont know) even from middle school but that wasnt that bad as soon as i started junoir high IT BECAME A NIGHTMARE! 6th grade the beging was fine i guess until the middle of the year when a girl threw a ball at me & when i asked why she sat on top of me & bruteilly beat my face in front of the whole gym class as everyone watched it took the teacher a while to evevn come & remove her and by time she did i was crying my face a huge bump the girl only recived 5 days dention wich was the same 5 days i was out to heal…from there everything only got worst 7th grade there wasnt a week when someone point & say thats the girl that got beat up by telia & laugh some sheve even said infront of a teacher''HAHA i rember when i beat her up!'' for the teaher to do nothing from there on i was pushed agiasnt a gate and hit cussed at ive even had a metal lock thrown at my head & a tissue box & when i tryed to stay calm i got up & threw both in the trash some one kept picking it up putting it back in the tisue box & throwing it to me.worst part i was in a class with the bullys..im now in 8th grade & things just barley lit up ive switched classes AGIAN a few weeks ago because a boy held my hand & pushed me harshly into a door comeing out of cooking class i then fell & everyone laughed and talked bout it…it was so hard not to cry i rushed to class next period my 'friend' discovered marks so i went to nerse when she questioned me i broke down i told them how i was injected with the staplle thing & caused to bleed how i was hit with a rag behind my ear…one thing i was scarred of more than the bullys was my mom! if she found out i didnt tell her she yell tell me to do stuff back!..i could speack up but it allways made things worst which is why i don't why i didnt want to..i speant the rest of day hiding in the office so theyede make sure all the kids left so i wouldnt get jumped & HIt on like last time hough i didnt tell last time…pushing the post button seems point less..nothing will change,it never would….though ide like to help others & stop bullying

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