Hurt I went threw to be who I am today

When I was little and entered the fourth grade a teacher would always blame me for things I didn't do.If she had a miscarriage she would blame the whole class, I was picked on by that teacher. She would yell at me if even though I minded my own business. I felt bad I went home to tell my parents of the horrible day I had at school how the teacher would always blame me for things I didn't do.They were angry so they requested a meeting with the teacher my father and mother fixed the problem. The next day I went into class, the teacher left me alone. When I enter sixth grade I had two best friends Amanda and Sarah. I thought they were my friends but when we were all going to lunch they were whispering "hey should we tell her we don't want to be friends anymore." I turned around and confronted them and said "I get it I understand that you don't want to be my friend." It hurt inside because they were blaming me for copying them when I did no such thing I was so hurt that only one of them said they were sorry and she realized how bad she treated me and we became friends again but Amanda never apologized to me and I don't under stand. All my life I was made fun of for the way I dressed and the way I looked.It hurt a lot because I would tell the teachers and they never did anything for me when I was picked on. During my sophomore year of high school I was in art1A and the teacher was Gale Williams. She would always criticize on how I would draw and one day she was looking threw my sketch book she said "the way you are drawing will not get you anywhere in life because anime is not art so you should think of a different major." That hurt a lot because I love drawing that way because I wanted to make tv show for kids/teens to enjoy and for a teacher to say that to a student. I stopped drawing for three to four weeks because of what she had told me. When I heard about the Ai art institute and the Media Arts and Animation Program I want to submit my portfolio to them and wanted to make shows for children and teens I want to put smile on their faces, when I got the call that I was accepted I cried I was so happy I worked really hard to get into the school and I proved my teacher wrong, about how I wouldn't get anywhere the way I drew. The bullying finally stopped, I now tell people that if they want to be my friends they need to earn my trust in order to be my friend, I have had my trust broken by people who I called my friend.

One of my favorite quotes from my role model Andy Biersack is "Live your life, listen to your music way to loud, be crazy and as 'different' as you want to be and always remember you're not alone." He understand what his fans go through their life because he was bullied for being different. One quote he says is true "and People who say things to you about the way you look in the way you dress they have nothing more to their lives that's all they do and you have something more in you." His quotes are forever in my heart. He is my savior, thanks to him I am proud of who I am today. "Stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone." Another quote I love and the last one is my favorite of them all "When people hurt you over and over think of them like sandpaper they may scratch and hurt you a but in the end you end up polished and they end up useless." Music saved my life it's all thanks to Andy Biersack,Ronnie Radke,Ryan Howell and Dahvie Vanity they are all my rolemoldes that have helped me threw tough times as well as my parents and friends.

Even though I have been bullied I wish for the teachers or someone to take action there are kids just like me who have been through hell because of the bullies. They only do that because they want to feel good about themselves and they have nothing better to do with their time but to pick on people. It hurts me to see people my age take their life or lose their voice to speak up. I want someone to put a stop to bullying because I had to stand up for myself because no one took action for me when I went threw the bullying so please help people that have been bullied.

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