How It Effects Me

Hi everyone... My name is Amy-Louise... When I was around eight/nine I started to be bullied by this one girl. I tried to not let it bother me to start with, ignored the hurtful comments she made, but soon enough more people started and it became worse. In the space of a few months the verbal bullying became physical as well. I had one best friend at the time, who stuck by me, but soon enough she joined another group of friends and I was left alone. I quickly became friends with two girls who I loved like sisters, but as time passed the one I trusted most became best friends with the girl who started the bullying in the first place, the girl who punched me, kicked me, pulled my hair. When the girls mum told me I was a 'stupid little brat', I told my grandma, who told my parents. My parents went up to school the next day for it to be sorted, once my parents left, the girl who started the bullying, my two friends and myself, were sat down in the heads office, and it was 'sorted out'. The head teachers idea of sorting it out was to tell me to stop being a 'whiny' and 'over dramatic' girl. She believed the bully, and my two 'friends' said that I was lying. Some stuff happened between myself and the bullies mum, after that, but when I finally got to my last day of Primary school, I was relieved. It would change, I would get new friends, I wouldn't be bullied any longer. At least, that's what I believed. On my first week of senior school, it started again, except, instead of it being around 60 kids, it was nearly 180 kids. I made up with the two girls who betrayed me, when I was with the head, because they claimed they were pressured by the bully. I stuck friends with them, for quite a while and they stuck by me, until last summer. That's when one of them turned against me, on D of E, where my whole group, who I had come to trust, left me in the middle of no-where, with no map, no emergency contact details and no water. I haven't spoken to her since them, and have been spending time with the other girl and two of our new friends. I still get bullied, quite badly, but I don't dare to speak up again. Through the whole time the same sort of things keep cropping up, names like 'fat, ugly, worthless, slut, whore'. People don't realise how much it hurts, I haven't been badly physically bullied in nearly two months now, so I'm hoping that maybe it will end for good...

It has effected me really badly, I have self confident issues, I've thought about 'escapes', but I've never had the guts to do anything. I couldn't break my brother like that.

My confidence if slowly healing, and to say that I'm only fifteen I've been quite successful, I get straight A grades and do modelling work, which really boosted my confidence.

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