Horrible High School Years

High school was horrible for me. People called me fat and told me I looked like a boy and teased that my younger brother and I were twins. He's 13 months younger than me. A boy once got me to sleep with him. I was 16 and I later found out he was only 14!! He then got his friends together and taunt me at school. Call me a whore or slut almost everyday during lunch. Because I didn't want to deal with it, I ended up dropped out my Senior year. Even after high school I was bullied by people online but there I felt like I could stand up to them better. I don't do well with telling people off in person.

I'm 31 and the emotional scars are still with me and it is a daily struggle to tell myself that I'm worth something. Thankfully, I have a very loving husband who is always there when I really need him. My heart goes out to the families that are having a hard time understanding their children and why they start acting out. Please take the time to talk with them without coming off mad. I had that issue with my mother and it only made things worse so I stopped telling her things. Put a huge strain on our relationship. So please! Please talk to your children. Let them know you will always be there when they need that support they are so desperately looking for.

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