Haters Still Gonna Hate, But there are Friends who are Gonna Stay

I was a victim of bullying since I was a child. Although I had a lot of companions and acquaintances, people mistreat me. They always seems to think that I have nothing to live on this world even when I prove them wrong.

I always thought that I'm a loner and nobody likes me. I grew up with a sheltered childhood.

Throughout the years most of my friends and companions are my fellow choir members at church and my friend from pre-school to high school. They are the only people who knows me well except for my parents. I really thanked God for them because the have full understanding of me. I consider them my true friends because we share each other the good and bad memories.

Every night I asked God for that one special person in my life to accept me for who I am and what happened to me in the past.

Although my self-esteem has been lowered. I just pray to God that I have already to forgive them and I am waiting for the day that the people who bully me will say 'sorry' to me.

To the victims of bullying out there just ask God to have the power to forgive those who bully you and let it be a reminder that if you have to revenge someone because you have been bullied, then you are making a bully out of yourself.

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