Hated School

Its been a few years since i was in school but the cuts are still there that was that was really advent when i watch bully so i thought i would tell my story.


I got bully really bad because i stuttered was in speech therapy since i started school to my last day. it was really bad in elementary school when kids would all it never stop would make fun of me didnt matter when i was or when. also i got beat for it maybe they thought they could beat it out of me lol. but i remember run home as fast as i could to out run the bullies didn't always work. it got to the point i would hide in my room so i didn't have to face them. But like every other kid who get bullied when my mom and dad told the school about it we got  o really i'm so so sorry this happened to your child and then........... it got worst we  talk to them it was almost weekly monthly thing my dad was like you know what john start putting up for your self so my first day of 6th grade i had too much i hit the first kid who made fun of me, the kicker of that was it was my best friend in elementary. i got suspended like 31 times that year now that i look back was not the best action but it stop after that i protected the little guys people who didn't have my size or the courage to say to stop i am a person just like you and it hurts. now im 23 have a really well paying job didn't let it keep me down thank you for reading and i will stand for the move for your kids for mine when i have them for a better tomorrow thank you       

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