From Outside Looking In

I was fortunate enough to not be bullied.  I am the youngest of 5 children and I am so lucky that I had 2 brothers and 2 sisters that looked out for me.  Because of them I was able to go through school without being afraid of bullies.  Thank you to my siblings.

My sister on the other hand was not.  We were home schooled for about 5 years and then one year the parents decided to put us into a local christian school.  The first few months went well.  My sister and I made friends and played on the volleyball team.  We knew some of the girls from church so it wasn't like we were completely "new".  About halfway through  the 2nd year there something changed dramatically for my sister.  She was the pretty, tall, thin, blonde hair, blue eyes girl that all girls are threatened by.  The boys all liked her and she of course loved the attention.  The other popular pretty girls did not.  So they then took it upon themselves to make her life a living hell.  Surprise, surprise.  The girls began to make up rumors and call her names and gossip about her behind her back.  My sister took all personally.  Long story short, because of bullying my sister dropped out of high school.  It makes me so angry that nothing was done by the school board, principal or teachers or event he pastor of the church. 

On a positive note, my sister has grown up to be one  of the strongest people I know. 

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