From Elementary School All the Way to College

                I suppose my bullying story started way back in elementary school in Colorado. I didn’t really have any friends, and the ones I thought I had told me not to talk to them in school so people didn’t think we hung out. I was kind of ignored for most of elementary school until 6th grade. Then a new kid named Caleb showed up and decided I was his new target. He made fun of my every day, pushed me around, stole my things, and made sure nobody wanted to be my friend. I was only eleven when I first threatened to take my own life. I figured that if Caleb hated me so much and nobody stood up for me they must all hate me just as much. This continued in middle school, at church, and into high school. The only thing that saved me was two kids who became my friends. They stood up for me and taught me to stand up for myself and ignore what people say. Eventually I found a large group of friends who helped me out and made me realize that I can be who I am and not have to worry about being judged by the rest of the world.

                Then college came and I was surprisingly bullied once again. I thought that stuff stopped after high school, but a group of guys on my floor in the dorms loved to make fun of me and call me weak. It made me want to kill myself again, but luckily for me some new friends came along. They had all been bullied and they saw what was happening. They invited me to their room and to sit with them in our classes we had together. Now I get to share an apartment with these same friends next year. I have seen bullying rip apart not only my life, but others’ as well. I refuse to let bullying happen while I stand idly by. Whether I become a lawyer, a federal law enforcement officer, a writer, or whatever I do with my degree I am working towards I swear I will work to stop bullying no matter what!

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