Fought the Good Fight

When I was in grade 2-3, my best friend started turning on me, and he started bullying me. That hurt me inside. He was manipulative. He could take my stuff, roof my balls, verbally bully me, frame me for stuff I didn't do and get away with it, and people would see him as the victim. He could get everyone in my grade to turn on me. He'd humiliate me and embarrass me to the point that I hated seeing him, I even had nightmares about him. The only thing that kept me going were the friends I had (I have an outgoing personality) and Jesus. Eventually, after I stood up for myself (some of my friends didn't stand up for me, but rather, joined his side, and teachers took his side), I gained this confidence against/towards him, and I didn't care what he did. I had friends to look to, so although he tried to make my life from gr. 2ish to gr. 8 miserable, I didn't let him. I have pledged to stand up for any bullying I see happen around me. I have an outgoing personality which is why I stood up for myself. Introverts don't, which is why we need to stand up for them. I have been compassionate to everyone I meet. I don't want them to go through what I went through, or anything worse. This crime needs to end.

P.S. In high school I am not bullied. However, I have sworn to stand up for any acts of bullying I witness.

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