Enough was Enough

Growing up, my youngest brother was always a little off. He was a logical thinker and wasn't interested in things most kids were. I would never admit it to him, but I always kept an eye out for him, even when we were little. Every now and again I would ask him if everything was ok for him at school, especially the days he as more quiet than usual. One day he was limping to the car when I picked him up. Naturally I looked at him and asked him... He only said that he didn't want to talk about it. I gave him space and planned on going to his next field trip for him, in place of our mom, and when I did, I saw him staying close to the teacher, and staying quiet. The kids, including him, went off to do something and I asked her if she had seen anything in the school even remotely related to bullying. She apparently hadn't noticed anything. But when the kids regrouped, I saw one of them push him. I would have liked to go off on the kid, but instead I pulled him aside to talk to him.

I felt bad cause the kid looked scared, but I politely asked him to stop messing with my brother.  I also made him apologize to him in front of the entire group and the teacher for pushing him. I got the biggest hug when we got home. :)

Since then, my brother has been feeling more open to talk to me, and the kid, whose name I can't remember, has stepped out of line a few times afterward. But I happen to be known among the stuff there and they have started keeping a better eye out for things like that. 

I can proudly say that my brother is no longer having problems wit this person, and has been interacting with other kids better.

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