Endless story

I do not know why, but people don't seem to like me. When I was 6 years old.. At my first day of school.. People would call me names, spit in my hair and tell me how fake I was because it wasn't natural. I got beaten up by older guys, strangeled and so on.. When I became 16, I moved to another town by my self, so I could go to the high school that I wanted.. 

It didnt even end there.. There were some guys who made a deathnote, and I was the first person they wanted to kill. I began to cry, because I got so afraid. I told my teacher who got it all to stop. She spoke to them, and told them that if they continue, they would be going to the police station. After that we became friends. 

When I became 17, every one in my class turned their back on me. They would invite everyone to their party, even people they didn't like, but me. My best friend did that to me. Because of that, I didn't go to school for 3 weeks, and its still hard for me to attend school, but I will not give up. If I do, I know that it would mean that they have won. And I do not wish for that. So, for every person who got bullyed in this world.. Don't give up.. You don't want to be the kid who never stands up for anything. And if you see someone who get's picked on... Do something! It is important that you learn your friends and family that it is NOT ok to just stand there. 

And by the way... Im sorry if my english is bad, I'm from Norway. 

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