Diamond in the Rough

 For ten years, I went through grade school with few friends after moving from a small town to a big city. Third grade through my senior year the bullying was mostly verbal or I was just plain ignored. They called me names because I didn't look like the other girls. I didn't dress like them. I just didn't fit in and they let me know. For a long time I thought it would be ok. I pretended like nothing that was going on was hurting me. Pretended that I didn't need them anyway, but it hurt and I didn't know how to get help.

I love people, now. At first I was angry and would not be friendly, because I was afraid of rejection for so long. I used to skip school just to not be around the people who were mean. I didn't like them and they didn't like me, but something was wrong. I was lonely. I got my diploma and thought I left high school behind me, but I only started to do things that I wasn't proud of with people I had nothing in common with to prove to myself that I was worthy. I was lost. I did things to just try and fit in and became a single mother as a result.

I never had anyone call me pretty or want to date me. I just wanted to prove that I was worth someone's affection, but what I needed was to see that I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am valuable and just because someone can't see the value in an uncut diamond doesn't mean the diamond isn't worth anything.

Diamonds that are found in coal - uncut- that look just like a regular rock- are worth more than the pretty ones because of their potential.

I didn't know that about myself, but now, when my little girl looks up to me I can see that she is priceless and a treasure. I can keep pushing on for her. I will finish college and focus on making her dreams come true. I will let her know how wonderful and worthy she is.

You are too. When you feel bad just remember, you are so young and your future has so much potential. You are bright and beautiful and colorful. Study hard and lose yourself in your ambition -not the things you hear from kids your age that don't even appreciate themselves. If you do something great you can look back and be glad that you gave the world something and it is a better place because you had an experience to make you a kinder and more loving person. Don't harden yourself. Forgive the kids that aren't encouraged by their parents to be kind to those who are different. Your life will be better for it.


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