Cyberbullying in college

I am an Australian University student and I studied abroad at an american college SUNY New Paltz last year for a semester. They created this site called New Paltz Secrets which allowed students to annonymously express their views to the general public, some of which were extremely distasteful. On Valentine's day I looked through the website because I thought people may write anonymous love letters. At this point, I didn't know about the unofficial competitor New Paltz Secrets much to my horror I saw a post entitled #53 which read the following:

"The Australian kid who nobody likes is currently plotting his revenge on everybody, be nice or you'll be first."

13 people "liked" this, the majority of which had SEVERE issues and some of which I had never even met. The post had one non-anonymous comment from some one I used to think was my "friend" saying, "I am so dead." This post was also shared on her facebook website from some one I do not know for her to comment negatively about me in front of all her facebook friends in addition to the public. 

Thankfully, after words I read up and saw that a lot of people had defended me and stood up for. I guess it's times like that when others turn against you that you really get to find out exactly who your true friends. I confronted the girl who emotionally abused me and we ended all communication each other. I am very grateful to my friends for defending me and I received the most overwhelming support. 

There was another post about me which I tracked down on Tumblr which also insulted me, thankfully this post was deleted even before I had the chance to see it. The defense that the perpetrator who cyber bullied me used is that I was "stalking" her to be able to find it as I was her facebook "friend" at the time and we had just started talking again. 

It shows though that this is not just happening at high schools, its even happening at colleges in America online! I am still very hurt and upset by her actions but am doing everything I can to move on as I made a lot of really good friends at New Paltz who I am still in contact with even though I am in Australia. They are the friends that I treasure because they are true friends and I miss them dearly. 

All it took was that one girl my best friend to defend me and then more started to defend me. They defended me so much that the bullying collapsed and we ended up winning the battle of love as opposed to hate. As a result of it, I also met new people and made new friends because so many people were defending me that some other people even wanted to meet me who hadn't previously.

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