Bullyng to the emo kids

Every start last year .. my friends were in another degree and a degree in which I llevava well with 4 or 5 others did not know them or I fought my friends began to leave out because I saw (I still have viewing) anime there was when one began the Verval agreasion by other groups metalheads me and my friends was something emo boe .. they told me that they were talking behind me so I was lazy and I did beat my friends would not let me go broke apparatus and step lip year 4 or 6 all but ignored me most of the grade was as if there was no good step for almost all the year my grades had plummeted had problems with my parents that I ... THIS PART iS THIS yEAR I became emo I loaded this year looks to trolo dicendome emo etc . but not as much as before desp . They began speaking things happen as a group of comp. I tried to beat me gay and robbed , and the pins were breaking me metian me letters with insults etc. . then one day get to the point and I was getting emo again and started calling me emo emo emo an emo look so professional . they said to me and the output goes to emorroide Cut your veins .. days after the second year began to tell me things like dancing emo empese donot hide me with my friends at recess not long ago stopped bothering me the other day I shot one in the head piedraso all this I lost my girlfriend were together 9 months ago I cut empese get to have cut 22 foot plus two realized my parents had many problems fell notepad peers. I was fucking emo , emo and gay antipatico one day but I do not give shit to little pineapples etc . the thing is that I annoy many comp. I left a bruise on one arm a week ago and they said they threatened me so fucking emo . Nose and that's it so far

This happened a while ago and I'm on vacation I'm Argentina helped me a lot to know e have guys like me were not cut but instead we support and love you so much I got a girl that if I want and I discovered my passion for music

PS: I Love Black Veil Brides they helped me succeed and my e have friends c:

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