Bullying at Jefferson, ME

Ever since I went to Jefferson Village School in Maine I was always picked on and victimized by even my Neighbor. My father Taught me how to hit and I hit one of my bullies and Today he won't speak to me when i try to be nice to him, I regret it and since then i never hit anyone but it also made think that i shouldn't speak up at all. When i was in 7th grade I was getting on the bus my best friend was getting in to the seat and the girl behind me pushed me into my friend and i almost squashed her in to the bus window. I went home crying and my parents asked why.... i didn't tell them later that night my dad talked it out of me. he told my mom and she called the school and thy pulled the girl in to the office and when she got back to class she told everyone that i was lying and everyone started to treat me like dirt. I got on the bus crying and my bus driver who knew i was a good kid watched me that bus ride home. one day when my dad was picking me up for an appointment when he met the bus driver. he asked if i told my dad about that had been going on and my dad found out that day that even though the Principal knew he didn't do anything about it. he got me to tell him about how people were harassing me about me being what i wasn't and no one stood up for me not even my best friends. My father threatened to sue the school and come in with a cop to arrest the girl for physically and Emotionally Harassing me. The girl was expelled and I was treated better until 8th grade when i became a Victim of bullying this time a boy was victimizing me and  the school failed once again to help me. I became depressed and i felt that no one wanted to help me that was until my bus driver told the boy that if he didn't stop he would kick the boy off the bus. the boy stopped until he was put in my Special ed math class.... I was picked on and the teacher did nothing about it... i felt even more alone, no one helped me. until my father found out again about the bullying and he went down to the school himself and told the Principal to cut it out again and this time it worked. 

I'n now in High school, Most of the people that come from JVS (Jefferson village school)  and they tell me about how horrible the school is still since i left. I hope one day that i can help reach out to someone to stop the bullying there and everywhere else in the world but though music. when i saw the Bully effect tonight i knew i had to speak out. to those who chose to read this thank you for doing that :) 

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