for 6 years iv'e been bully'ed, i wasn't very good with making friends and i'm still not, i used to be a little immature when i was younger, and for the first 3 years it was only name calling and picking on me, but after 3 years it started getting really physical, even my friends left me and were aginst me, now i wasn't a weak little boy, i was strong , but how strong can you be when 2 kids take you to the ground and the other 6 kick you? 

when the last year was over and each of us went the other way i made sure we don't end up in the same school, and moved to another school with one friend the only one i had, at that point i was very carefull, i wasn't immature anymore, and i started getting really strong, in my country we drive home on a public bus, so i met some of the kids that used to hurt me, i met this one kid how i hated the worst, and i noticed he was with one friend, and at the bus he tried intimidating me that hes going to "Kick my ass" so when we got off i punched him in the stomach and smashed hes face on a bus pole, i broke 2 spots in his nose and one cheek bone, hes friend didn't even tryed to help him, and im pretty sure he knew he had it coming, he could have called the cops but he didn't, i think he was to humiliated to admit i did this, i told my father and told him not to say anything, he patted me on the back, gave me a hug and told me that he was proud of me.

it was the most satisfaction i felt in my whole life, and i'm not violent at all, you can try push a man to the limits but at some point he will push back.

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