When I moved to a new school in 2nd grade I thought it would be fun, but as always, I was wrong. The kids were mean to me! I lived in a ghetto neighborhood , only because my family was struggling and this was, by far the only place my parents could afford. It was hard to make friends, but eventually I did make friends. The wrong friends. Their name's were Makayla and Angelina  They were my "friends" They pretended to be my friend to get all my secrets out and told everyone. They back-stabbed me and it didn't feel right. I can never trust anyone because of them. After my secrets got out the bullying got worse. Kids were calling me fat, stupid, ugly, worthless, and just horrible things a 2nd grader shouldn't even know the meaning of! At the end of the school year I was so happy. No school. And no school means no bullies. Usually, my family would move after one whole school year, but that's not the case. They still had not enough money to move. I went to that school until my 5th grade year. I was bullied since 2nd grade! Up until 4th grade, I didn't care what people were saying, because I used to it by then. My mom didn't have any idea of what was going on at school. In 4th grade, I couldn't take it anymore! I started believing what people were saying. I started cutting myself in 5th grade. My 2 best friends, Honesty and Tinei, we shared a journal. Basically just a 3-subject notebook, but it worked. I poured everything out, about me getting bullied, about me cutting myself, about wanting to kill myself, which was all a mistake. Honesty was a backstabber. I thought she was truly my friend. But she was truly a 2-face. She was friends with the popular and she gave them the journal! I tried to get it back during recess, but the teachers took it away and they read it! I hated them for that and I still do! They have no right to read my personal stuff! The teachers were worried and they had me talk to the counselor at least twice a week. Later on, she called my mom and read her my journal. I hated her for that. Now, my mom knew everything. She had me move in with my grandma and go to the school over there. It's not bad. The kids are nice, except for one kid, Julian. He's mean to me! ONLY ME! Everyday I wonder what's wrong with me. What did I do to him? I have better friends that I know I can trust but I still don't tell them many things. When my secret about being bisexual got out I was bullied for quite a time. I finally had the guts to tell every one to stop. I said. "You need to except me the way I am! No matter how much you bully me and push me I will always be this way! So live with okay? Bullying me won't change anything!" 

People eventually learned to accept me for who I am.


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