Bullies 3rd-9th grade=Low confidence and self-esteem

Hi I am 19 years old, I am attending Community College for a degree in Radiography, and I was born with a brain tumor: its on the left side of my brain, it goes down to my chest cavity; this gave me ADHD, anxiety, aspergers, and studdering. So as you can see how school went.

From what I can remember bulling started for me, was the 3rd grade. The school I went to was a medium size Christian School. From what I can remember, there was only a few people that made fun at me. But several people asked me questions I didn't know the answer (questions like "Are you straight or curvy?") then make fun of me for not knowing it, and told jokes, that were about me. But only a few made fun of me because, I started to get nervous (standing up to my bullies), and this is were my studdering or repeating words came into play, and my bullies made fun of me by: (and I remember this day) by acting like a robot, talking like a robot, and saying that I was a robot.

Then the 4th grade, oh boy this is were it really starts cooking, while still going to the same school. Well, I have just the thing to say, it mainly stayed the same. Standing up? Didn't work, still got nervous. Same bullies? Yep, but now 4th grade added a whammy, I got a 3rd grade bully and he brought two of his friends to stir the pot. So now In my grade I got (had) four bullies and now three bullies in the 3rd grade. Now back at that time I was weak, but luckily I had a few best friends, and a girl who liked me (I know, not "love") very much and same for me to her. So know this is where the jokes are gone, but making fun of me was continuing, and now name-calling came into play. Mainly I was called: dudet, a robot, and a looser. Now I remember, the 3rd grade bully (the main guy), made fun of me, so I got sick of it told him "I am older then you, you can't make fun of me." Kid ran to a supervisor, told a lie, but I told the truth, but the supervisor, when the the 3rd grader, and she said to me "You better watch what you say Bobby." Now this is how I got my 3rd grade bully and his two buddies. One of my friends, went down the slide, then the 3rd grade bully came down, and landed on my friend, he was sitting on him, and his friends were close so they joined him. Me and another friend of mine, tried to stop them, but they wouldn't listen to us. So got the supervisor, and put a stop to him. Now I told you I had four bullies in my grade, but there this main guy who would always do the bulling. So I got him to stop, how? The Assistant Principle, got him to stop. All the bullies were guys, none of the girls really talked to me. Sorry a few girls liked to talk to me. Oddly, the girl I fell in love with, and same for her. How both of us became really good friends, people were making fun of her glasses, and I stood up for her (my mom told me that, one time). So the bullies are gone right? Well at my school yes, moving to a different state, and a new school. Well I think you guessed it.

5th grade came in, went to a SMALL (and I really mean it) Christian School. Really I was made fun and pushed around, but it was here and there. But it wasn't too serious.

6th and 7th grade, this is really bulling started, and I really saw it. Now I went to Christian Schools (which doesn't make a difference), now 6th grade I went back to Public School, at first I thought, "I could do it, went to Public School in 1st and 2nd grade. I did it then, and I could do it again." Boy was I wrong. I am being serious here, there wasn't a day when I wasn't bullied; it happened everyday. But luckily, I found people around my social circle. Actually there was two groups, one was the classic rock/grunge rock group and the outsiders kind of group. Normally just got name calling or making fun of me. But I got tripped or punched in the arm. But I got back at one of my bullies (THANK-YOU FOR KARATE), and for that I helped two of my friends bullies (same got I got back at).

8th grade, went to a charter school, well I was bullied through the whole year, but I made friends and people who helped me. In 9th grade (half way the first half) was the last year I got bullied. I have to say what a life in school.

Now after sing all that, I am going to make a promise that I will do ANYTHING so my kids will not get bullied; and if they do get bullied I will do anything to do to stop it. Even if it kills me, but I will try to stop it.

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