Bullied Half My Life

 hello, my name is Lizeth and I'm 13 years old. I've been bullied since the 2nd grade. It was really hard going to school everyday. Just because I was  little over weigh. Lots of kids would call me names,pull my hair, and hit me. It was the same thing every year for the past 6 years. Last year a big guy that was two years ahead of my grabbed my arm and pulled me to the ground and started beating like if i was a doll.he also pulled my hair and stared dragging me.After he stopped he just walked away. I only told my mom about that. After that day i never saw him. The Bullying stopped a little later that year. The hitting and pulling hair stuff stopped but the name calling didn't.

In the 7th grade it almost stopped but a girl in my class sat behind me and she started pulling my hair and hitting me on my back. She also hit me on my shoulder ,It really hurt it felt like she dislocated it. I keep tell her to stop but she just won't. I tried switching seats with someone but they all was said no. I really want this Bullying to stop. I hope it stops before I go to high school. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO MY STORY :).


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