Bullied, Beaten and Bruised

     Something happened with in our community recently. A young man took his own life because, he was bullied. I'd like to take the opportunity to share with some of you something that happened to me long ago. I'd like to do this because I am so passionate about bullying. 
     When I was in the 7th grade I was beaten by a junior in high school. Her and her friends said it was a case of mistaken identity but, to this day I will never know that for sure. I was a tiny girl then. Just out of elementary school. Excited to meet new friends from different schools when I entered middle school. I was a happy and carefree girl. I liked to ride my bike, hang out with friends and do every normal thing a kid wants to do.
       I was walking with two of my friends on that night. A car full of teenagers pulled up and all of the sudden they were chasing me. My two friends looked on with fear. afraid, I'm sure to intervene, and I don't blame them one bit. One of the girls held my head, another held my feet and another straddled me, kicked me, and pounce on top of me with her knees. She beat my face until it was black and blue. By the time this was happening there were other teens pulled up to "the scene" and they enjoyed the show. It seemed like nobody would help me until finally a boy grabbed her off of me. 
       I went home that night. Beaten, battered and bruised. My parents weren't home. We had personal care homes for the elderly when this happened and they were away taking care of one them. My Mother's dear friend helped me that night. I went to bed, horrified and afraid to sleep. The next day I awoke with pain in my abdominal areas. Being a kid and in shock, I didn't know what on earth to think of the pain I was in. I thought it would pass. The next day I went to school. Still in excruciating pain the principle of the school called my Mom and Dad to come and get me. He felt I should be seen by the Dr. My parents had been home and knew of everything by then. They took me to the emergency room where the Dr.'s examined be and performed tests. Cat scans and x-rays. They found that I had been so badly beaten that my internal organs were swollen and bruised. The slightest little bump and my spleen may rupture and I could bleed to death. 
          My parents, sister and brother were so saddened. To have a family member hurt and not to be able to do much about it was devastating. The girls that were involved were held accountable for there actions. I'd prefer not to get into too much detail about that. My childhood and teen years were never quite the same. It changed me. It hardened me a bit. I had a hard time trusting in people for the longest time. I have to admit I still do. It wasn't until I found my husband, that I actually was able to soften. He's been my rock.  
        I'm not sure how people will take this but, I've really never been able to share this. It's still hard for me to talk about. I've shared this story with my children. I wanted them to know the hurt and pain that people can inflict on someone. It makes me so sad to see what bullying can do to someones soul. If I was able to say one thing it would be STAY STRONG. There is so much living and so much more to life than just your teenage years. I've been blessed with three beautiful children and a family that loves me unconditionally. Let's do something about this mess! Let's stop the bullying! Thanks guys for listening !

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