better days are finally in my future.

 My whole life I have been different. I didn't realize my uniqueness until others pointed it out first. Their reactions weren't always positive. I was made fun of profusely because of my weight in grade school. I thought it was normal- I never really took it to heart. Middle school was different. I would go home and cry and wish I wouldn't wake up. By 8th grade I had tried to kill myself twice. 

 High school was even worse. I entered freshman year as an insecure, self-conscious, scared girl. Going to an all-girls' private high school was a nice change. I felt safe and secure there. Bullies still found a way into my life...through the internet. My body and face were invitations for boys and girls to dissect every part of me that made me feel small. I was humiliated. The bullying and harassment followed me outside of my house. I was at a park one night and a few boys decided to throw eggs at me. It was the most terrifying moment in my life. To top it all off, one boy threw a rock at my neck and I couldn't move my neck for a few hours. 

"Slut." "Whore." "Fat." "Worthless." "Freak." 

These words cut through me like glass. I never thought I could be abused verbally-but I was. I sunk into a severe depression. The death threats began, and I was done. I tried to hang myself. I was hospitalized twice in a year for cutting. I felt I had no outlet.

Finally, a light ignited inside of me. I took a look around, and realized: this isn't the rest of my life-this is high school. I can get through this. No, it's not fair that I have to put up with this-no child should have to. But this experience is going to make me strong. I am proud to say that after 3 years of struggling and suffering, I am so much better. The bullying is kept to a minimum, and I have found my voice. I can stand up for myself. I want to be able to stand up for those who can't. Bullying is a sensitive topic to me and I want to share with the world my story and inspire others to stay strong. Better days start with us.

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