Be You- It can only get better.

My name is Ami and I am 16 years old. Ever since I can remember I've been bullied. I was born with a lazy eye and I have a condition called Aspergers along with Dyspraxia which makes every day life very difficuilt. It also makes me a very good target for bullies. Dyspraxia is a hidden disobility that affects cooridination skills. This made school a living hell for me and I very much hated PE. I would always get picked last for games in primary school. This later resulted in me not wanting me to do it in secondry and i'd get into trouble by not doing it. Aspergers is on the Autism spectrum. It's a syndrome that affects your social skills. Ever since I was little I'd always prefer to be on my own rather then join in with games and activities that other kids were playing or sit on my own in class. It's only now I  have recieved a proper diagnostic- Aspergers. It had gotten out of hand. I'd not even want to get out of bed because I knew I had to go to school and get bullied and tortured as usual.. I'd rather die then live another day. It's quite simple. Kids would make my life hell. Now being 16, I havn't went back to school since Febuary which my parents don't know about (yet). God help me when they find out but I couldn't face it. Another day of being alone. I've never really had any friends either. Another thing I miss. Friends. 


I'm currently in the process of leaving college. Not only because of the bullies but because of my aspergers it's a very bad environment to be in. It makes life hard. I was just at a point in my life where I was actually wanting to take my own life. It's unbarable. Kids are so mean these days. Why can't they just be nice. After I do finally leave I hope i'll be free at last. Free to be me. I am hoping i'm getting confident as the days go on. I think i am anyway. After all I have learn't after all this that you are YOU and no one else. You are stuck with you for the rest of your life, so you better off try to love you at least cos your gonna be stuck in the same body for the rest of your life. Want some advice? Take every day as it comes, Count your blessings. It's YOUR life there is only one you. Make changes that YOU need. BE YOU. It will get better eventually.



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