Awake from silence!


I am Katherine from Germany. This is the first time I hear something about the project and the first thought I had, was that I want - no I need to share something I carried for a long time with me. I am 16 now and two days ago I awoke from the pain and the silence I bore such a long time. When I was 11 - 13 years old, the people in my class bullied me. They told lies about me and ran away when I came. It was really hard of course. Not just for me, also for my family. I am really, really thankful that these wonderful people helped me in this difficult times because so I've learned how to act strong and that I am not a loser, which is worth to be bullied. NOBODY IS! But yeah, why did I said that I awoke two days ago? That's even harder to tell, because it's a new story to tell. The story of a little buried girl.

She was strong for a long time but then as she hoped she could relax for a moment and find a good way back to normal life, her "friends" started to treat her so badly she gave up. They buried the strong girl. She thought that they would stop that if she changes her personality... But that's stupid! Never change yourself! Be who you are. When you're someone who doesn't speak out or always wants to make the others happy, you make yourself sick. I've learned that the hardest way there is: The people who treated me wrong when I was strong never stopped or changed. But I have - the girl has. She isn't buried anymore. She's awoke and accepts the way she is.

If you ask me what I do now I can only answer: I am me and nobody else can change me. I am going to start a new chapter with real friends and a real me and I'll never - NEVER - give up in my life, so that others can see that there's an other way. Sure I'll help my friends and I want to make others happy, don't understand me wrong, but I will be happy with them and stand up for the life I've owned

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