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     Last year I was in 8th grade. I had art last hour with a mixture of grades. Three 7th grade boys were grabbing near my privates and hitting my butt with rules. They would grab my stomach and call me fat and ask me rude things and when the teacher asked me what I like to do they would say eat, and just say the rudest things and would grab my friends privates. 

      I told my art teacher, I told my History teacher who was helpful and told me if I needed help to tell the Principal or Vice Principal or if that didn't help then come back to her. The principal didn't do anything. Neither did the vice principal. It didn't end so I had to do homeschooling. On my last day I went to each teacher and talked to them. My math teacher apologised and wished someone had helped me. My counsellor told me it was my fault for not coming to her. This hurt me most of all. To be told it was MY fault for the bullying. They threw things at me and sexually harassed me. I came home crying every single day and would hit myself; until the last day. I felt relieved when I realised I didn't have to go back to school. 

     And to this day I still hate the way I look and my weight. I feel like I'm not good enough. It still hurts but something that made me feel good was letter I got from my English teacher about all the nice things the kids had to say about me and I was sad. I was sad that just three boys and a few teachers could ruin  everything. 

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  • Lee Hirsch
    commented 2013-04-08 14:53:29 -0400
    Thanks for sharing Sydney! and great support Rose
  • Rosemary Pritzker
    commented 2013-04-08 12:22:45 -0400
    Sydney, I’m so sorry to hear that the situation couldn’t be fixed. Constantly being bullied like this can be so painful. I was very badly bullied for many years too, and was afraid to go to school, so I understand. There are things you can do though! Here are a few ways you can take action to change the situation at the school so you feel safe going back:

    1.) Check out our tools and resources here: to find ways of taking action
    2.) host a screening of BULLY in your home and invite people you feel safe with, then have a meaningful discussion afterward, using the tools and resources for fuel. Do this here:
    3.) see if your school would be interested in using our Educators DVD and Toolkit to transform the school’s culture from one of hurt and exclusion to one of empathy and action. you can find one sympathetic teacher to ask about this, or bring it to the principal. and maybe see if your parents will go in with you to talk to them about it. they can order the kit for $29.99 here:
    4.) Join our Facebook page to find inspiration and community. Find it at @bullymovie

    Also, have you seen this video?

    Above all, be sure you’re regularly reaching out to others who can support you and remind you of how strong and awesome you are! Thanks for becoming a part of this movement by sharing your story.

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