Am I Okay?

Ive been bullied practically my entire life. they bully me of the same thing all the time. This even happens now I'm now only in 7th grade. I cant walk around without having someone pretend to bump into me and say "Oh i'm so sorry gay boy i didnt see you there!".

Every single day i would have people laugh at me make fun of me and alot of other things. This has been happening since 4th grade. My parents have no knowledge of this happening till i told the school counselor about it. She said shed take care of it but all she did was tell my parents and the entire school which made it allot worst. 

About 1 month ago i had one of the worst days of my life everyone made fun of me physically they pinched me, pushed me etc. I then got on the bus after a horrid day of nightmares when i put in my headphones and shut the surrounding environment away from me, then someone started to push my head and kick my head and i kindly told her to stop it. She didnt stop i got so mad i stood up and shouted "STOP IT!" and then sat back down but everyone laughed even my own brother. my brother teased me for the rest of the trip until he threw his bag at me and i felt the need to throw something at him and in the rage of my anger i threw my cellphone. 

For weeks thats all people talked about. Then one day i got called in by the councilor. She told me to explain the entire thing, she seemed to care more about the phone then the bullying but then she said that everything that happened on the bus was my fault.

for the last few months after me throwing my phone ive been having mental breakdowns when someone back talks about me i just cry. Im now seeing  therapists that told the entire school im seeing her which makes more material for others to use against me. My teachers dont understand neither do my parents

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