62 Years of Bullying

My parents found out that I had bad vision when they were called to Primary School and informed that I was failing in my lessons. When my mother asked my what was the problem? I told her that I could not see the blackboards. Those were six feet high and twenty feet long in the front of the class room, I was seated in the back of the room alphabetically, which was the way ti was done then, so my mother had me sit in the front row and ask the teacher to write something on the blackboard, I could not read what he had written. That was the begging of 62 years of comments, bullying, harassment, hateful comments, especially as I got older and interested in the opposite sex from females.

With the advent of glasses I quickly learned that I could not play sports, I could not do many outdoor activities, because I could not afford to lose my glasses, my father complained about the cost of replacing them, so I became introverted, and bookish, but I hated being the butt of peoples comments, nasty remarks, open stupidity, of female disgust, and this continued until I was 68 years old and I found that I had cataracts in both eyes!

Now after cataract surgery, I have the choice to wear my glasses to read, or not to wear my glasses. because now I have 20/20 vision! So my grandson was born 8 week premature and it was said that he might have developmental issues and learning issues, and I saw a story about THE BULLY PROJECT! I ordered the book, the dvr, and the teachers manual and I gave them to my son and daughter in law, told them to take them home read, watch and them take them to my grandson's school and give them to the principal! When they did that I wanted them to very clearly tell the principal that if I heard that my grandson was being bullied at hios school for any reason I would be in to see the principal, and if it was not resolved I would look into whatever legal action I could take.


60+ I lived feeling like I was not good enough! I will not allow my grandson to go through that AT ALL. PERIOD! NOR will aloow anyone else that I see in public! The school system that my grandson goes to has adopted THE BULLY PROJECT as their solution to bullying inside their schools, from grade school to high school, I just hope I had a hand in pushing that along.

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