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Thanks for your interest in screening BULLY! We’ve sparked a national movement, the power of which lies in the participation of individuals like you who work to create safe, caring, and respectful schools and communities.

For educators, you are on the frontlines and there’s so much you can do to improve the climate at a school. And, there’s a role for parents, support staff, and everyone in the school community. Follow these easy steps to plan a BULLY screening: 


  1. Start by purchasing the Educator’s DVD and Toolkit, which includes a public screening license for educational facilities, organizations servicing youth, and municipal, town or other governmental venues where no admission is charged, and where all such exhibitions include educational presentations or activities before or after the screening. It excludes commercial theaters and college/university screenings outside of the classroom. Learn more about hosting a Community Screening (including college campuses).
  2. Use the form below to schedule and invite people to the screening. Maybe you want to include parents or the school board?
  3. Start with a staff viewing and discussion of BULLY. Include everyone: school support staff, special education and resource room teachers, and visiting service providers. Deal with the issues the film raises together as adults, and then prepare for conversations with the students.
  4. Review the materials inside the Educator’s Toolkit or in the tools & resources section of our website to help prepare you for screening BULLY with your students and school community. Check out the Guide to the Film BULLY and register for the Facing History and Ourselves self-paced online workshop to help prepare you to lead the discussion with your students.
  5. Screen the film with the students and then discuss with them what they saw and engage them using the tools we’ve provided.
  6. Get creative and be bold!No matter your role in the school community, you can play a big part in laying the groundwork for lasting change using our tools & resources.
  7. Please let us know how many students at your school have seen the film and update us regularly.
  8. Continue implementing these materials on an ongoing basis in a way that fits the situation at your school.

Learn more about hosting Community Screening or Home Screening

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]. We’re here to help!