Get your Educator’s DVD and Toolkit and use it to promote a caring and inclusive environment in your classroom!

Order now! Purchase Orders are available only for orders of 100 or more kits. 

This version of the DVD comes with an in-school public screening license for elementary, middle and high schools, as well as tools and resources designed to ignite meaningful dialogue, and prevent bullying by developing a respectful school community.

It’s valued at over $200 but with your pledge to use DVD and Toolkit to make change, we are offering it for $29.99 + shipping and handling. Thousands of educators and students from all across the country are seeing BULLY with their students! Join us!

url-2.pngI pledge to use the Educators DVD and Toolkit to foster a school climate based on mutual respect and tolerance for every individual and to hold everyone in the school community accountable for preventing bullying. 

Refund Policy:  We will replace damaged or not functional kits only.

Customer Service Contact Info: Our phone is 212 725 1220 and address is 18 West 27th Street 2nd Floor - The BULLY Project NYC, NY 10001. 







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