You Will Be Just Fine Being Yourself

Back when I was a junior high school student, I was not like everyone.

I was not into pop music and I actually found some of their games boring and silly. But, I was afraid I would be left alone. 

In every PE class, I worried that when everyone had paired up, I would be the only one standing there and could only exercise with my teacher. I was not good at singing and had no sense of fashion. I was 13 and was super nice because people I grew up with were nice and simple people. I pretended to be enjoying hanging out with cool kids, breaking rules, bullying others and thought I would be bullied if I didn't do it.

I was never happy. They still made fun of me even after I pretend to be them. 

Some might think I were their friend, I never went to see single one of them after junior high was over. 

The whole summer holiday, I embraced myself in finding a solution to fight back. I became a rather mean and cynical person in the next few years. I was able to fight back anyone who tried to make fun of me. But it hurt a lot of people.

Until recently, I finally became a stronger and more mature person. People's judgement won't actually bother me anymore and I feel more for people who got bullied than others who hadn't been bullied. 


I'd like to share some of my thoughts.

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