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My name is Nikki Huntington. I am 15 years old, and honestly I considered suicide a couple of months ago. Growing up I had it all, and in elementary school I was popular. But then 4th grade hit and people started turning their backs on me. My teachers loved me, but even when they tried to help it didn't always stop the bullying. The bullying I endured in 6-7th grade was bearable. But in 8th grade, one of my so called "friends" called the cops on me b/c I "pushed" her down during PE while playing flag football. A whole investigation was done, and it was concluded that I had done nothing wrong. But then I hit high school and things got even worse. My friends started changing and leaving me in the dust, so I had to try and cling to the only friend I had left. But she didn't and still doesn't care about me. I was someone who she could use and abuse anytime she wanted. Her and another one of her friends ganged up on me one day and threw my new iPhone into the dirt. That was the last straw for me and my mom. I was sick of coming home sad and in tears, and she couldn't handle seeing me so depressed. I remember just crying for hours non-stop. My mom pulled me out of school for a week and got me counseling. The counseling didn't really help, so I just sucked it up and went back to school. It wasn't easy being the loner girl, but I found myself smiling more often. Plus it convinced some other girls to invite me into their group, and I haven't been this happy in years. My self confidence level has grown exponentially, and I have vowed to change the public schools tactics when dealing with bullying cases!
-Nikki Huntington

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