You're not alone!

I haven't been bullied. But my husband was bullied all his life. He never had a safe place to go to. He was bullied at home, by his parents and siblings. His parents and sisters, treated him like dirt, and put him down and made him feel worthless. He was emotionally abused by them and it shows. His brother, well he did unthinkable things, and physically and emotionally abused him. Then, when he went to school he was bullied by peers. Finally, the bullying has stopped with his family, because he doesn't really have contact with them and when he does speak to them, he won't let them abuse him(emotionally or physically).

Now he's out of school and I thought his life would be better, but then he got a job and was bullied by his coworkers. I felt horrible, I felt like he was never going to get the life he deserved. That he was going to be miserable. Sometimes, I felt terrified. I've heard the stories, about people feeling like they can't take it anymore and they either harm themselves or others. I was so worried I would lose him forever one day. I could tell he wasn't as happy as he usually was. The hurt was written all over his face. He doesn't like to show his emotions or talk about what's happening, so for a while, I had no clue how bad it was for him at work.

Finally, after a year of him being bullied at work, we moved to a new state, because he couldn't take it anymore. He got a new job, and people are nice to him! We live close to my family, and far away from his. My family loves and adores him. They tell him all the time, how smart he is and how proud of him they are. I am so thankful for my parents, for all the love they have given him. He is finally happy, and knows that he is loved, and that nothing is wrong with him.

 I want people to know, it's hard to go through, but one day it will get better. My husband has a better life, he's married, and loved by my family. It does get better, even when you feel like it won't. You just have to wait and hold on. I think, if my husband could deal with bullying and abuse for 23 years, anyone can make it. I'm so glad he never ended his life over it, because I can't imagine my life without him.

I'm amazed with all he had to endure, and the fact that he can still laugh and be as happy as he is.

I hope his story can help someone out there, because I can't stand to think other people have to go through what my husband Marco had to go through and worse. No one deserves that.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story!



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