You're Not Alone

My name is Daizia, or the original bully. But the problem was, I got that title because I fought back. For 4 years, I went to the same school, I was beaten up and verbally abused by my peers because my best friend told everyone else that I was a lesbian. I was not only betrayed by her, but she participated in the behavior. I was attacked almost everyday when a teacher wasn't around. During my freshman year, I was almost silent when I was at school. Unless I had to answer a question for a teacher or was screaming at the people who tried to assault me. And every time that I reported it, I was told that I was the bully, and that the other "more trustworthy student", the student that changed constantly, that had really attacked me. Sometimes I surrendered and let go of my mind and the pain was nonexistent until I came out of my daze. But it didn't last long and I had to surrender my control to the people who manipulated me and victimized themselves.

I felt so alone and just gave up, that is until I found a series of online places that not only shared my problems, but supported me. Then the next year, as a Sophomore in my second year of high school, I broke out of the shell that I created around myself and was proud. I even flaunted it. I was still upset because the bullying made me come out to all of the people that I loved, but to all honesty, it made it to where I didn't have to have secrets. And although I was damaged from the physical and emotion abuse but I wasn't all alone. I'm not saying that the abuse stopped, but it was easier to deal with because all of those people, I realized, were arrogant. That's what I realized, and it was just one step farther to know that  I wasn't alone, and if anyone needs someone to talk to, I would love to listen to everything you have to say and try to help in any way I can, because no matter what, no one is alone.

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