you are not alone

I am very shy putting this out in public. Hope you all enjoy. 


: For the ones that are alone:


For all ones that is alone in this world.


That cries every single day, deep down inside their hearts when their worlds are always so dark and blue.


It doesn’t matter how much light that is above you


How many smiles are given to you, as you try to smile, no matter what as hard you try.


It doesn’t feel the same at any given point of time, which it did in the forgotten past as long you can remember.


You all have a special place in my heart.


You are not alone.


This is a cruel world we live in.


The hopeless through out history, always seems to be the weakest in human kind eyes, I promise you are not.


You are all the strongest people out there in human kind.


The entire ones that fight for a smile, hug, a given word of a true friend, only seems to get durst in their faces with drops of sadness coming down their faces, saying why me, why me at any give moment.


When they have kind heart full of sweetness to all in life and only gets broken hearts from its self’s. 


Never stop trying; the world is a special place for you all.


Always be yourself, it’s hard as you may think.


At the end, there will be many rewards that you will never stop smiling about.


I can’t tell you what they are or the next and next person and so on can’t.


You are not alone.



By Trent  Miller 


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