Yelled at, beaten up, kicked, harrassed

I am 7 years of age, and I am a 2nd-grader in elementary school. I see everyone play football or playing in the swingset. I stand at the side, talking about how awesome the Apollo 13 events were. Nobody seemed to listen... Ever.

Each day, since I was 7 years of age, until I was examinated from Middle High School, I've been afraid to go to school. I fealt like puking or lying to my parents and teachers just to not having to go to school. I've never been an active person. I've always been interested in the more scientific stuff: space, airplanes, WWII and such, but why should that make me a target for bullying? Why would you want to yell at me, kick me, and beat me up just because I don't play football?

I'm now 12 years old, and I am soon quitting elementary... Why don't any teacher care about the fact that I am being bullied? I've told them, a lot of times. "Please, do something, teacher! He is saying that I am an ugly, short and fat b*tch", each time I said that, they sat down with me, listened to my problems, but they always spun it around, making it seem like they were the victims and I was the perpetrator here.

I just turned 16, and I am in High School. Nobody here wants to beat me up, nobody is harrassing me. Everyone likes me for who I am, and they don't hate me for who I am not.

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