Worst years of my life

Ever thing started just after I began figure skating in grade 4. Kids would call me a girl and that figure skating was a girls sport. I though that eventually that things would go away, little did I know I was wrong. As I started my middle school years I began to start dating girls and go through puberty. I broke up with her after I felt like i wasn't ready for dating. Things started to go bad from there, kids would call me gay they would tease me saying that I liked boys and that no girl would ever date me. Since things at my middle school were getting so bad I switched schools in grade 9. High school got worse I was still made fun of people called me gay they spread rumors about me, they sent Facebook messages to me telling me i was no good and that people always talked about me and hated me. Things got so bad that I tried to kill myself several times, but I knew that I was better than that and that I was just letting these people win. Eventually I went to therapy for my problems and let my parents know what was going on and I finished High School in 2012. Im now in University and I have never experienced the torture that I experienced in High School. But for all those kids who are still in either Middle School or HighSchool just hold on and remember that things get better, they really do and never consider suicide its not worth it. And for the people who are bulllying you, DONT LET THEM WIN! 


Jared Jardine Miramichi, NB 

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